New to Dynamics GP 2016 R2, the Project Accounting Timesheet Status Report will now give approvers the ability to see which employees have submitted timesheets and which employees have not for specific reporting periods based on the Workflow Status of their employee’s timesheets.  

Navigate to (Project Accounting >> Reports >> PTE Timesheet Status). This will open the PTE Timesheet Status Report window.  

The PTE Timesheet Status Report will allow Timesheet approvers to print out a list of employees for a specific reporting period based on the criteria below.

  • Reporting Period – This will default to the current reporting period based on the users Date in Microsoft Dynamics GP and Timesheet Setup.
  • Period Start – This will default in based on the Reporting Period • Period End – Defaults based on Period Start
  • Status – This will allow users to select one or all workflow status fields in the list such as Not Submitted, Pending User Action, etc. In addition, a new status called ‘Missing’ is available for employees that have not even saved a timesheet in the Pay Period.
  • Filter for Assigned To: This will allow for users to select one or all the step approvers in the Timesheet Approval workflow type. This list will populate based on the approvers setup for the active timesheet approval workflow.
  • Sort by: Allows users the ability to sort by Timesheet Status or Approver

Below is an example of how the report will appear to users when printed.

How to give a User Access to the Project Accounting PTE Timesheet Status Report

The PTE Timesheet Status report can be viewed by Self Service, Limited, and Full user types and is driven by the Active Directory user, that is currently logged into GP. In order to have access to this report you must meet AT LEAST ONE of the following Criteria in the Workflow Maintenance Window (Administration >> Setup >> Company >> Workflow >>Workflow Maintenance):

  • The Active Directory User is listed as a Workflow Manager for Project Accounting Timesheets.
  • The Active Directory User is listed directly as an Approver in one of the Workflow Steps for Project Accounting Timesheets.

Note: If the Active Directory User matches the criteria above and you are still not seeing the PTE Timesheet Status Report, please close and reopen GP, as this security is verified during the launching process of Microsoft Dynamics GP.

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