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Ever had a situation where you try and print a Purchase order or Sales order document from Sales Batches or from Print Sales/Purchasing documents window, and nothing prints. Nothing comes up on the screen or to the printer.   But if you print from the Sales Transaction Entry window or Purchase Order Entry window, the document prints fine.   If this is happening to you, there could be a good explanation for this.  

When you print a document, there is a flag in the backend that indicates if the document has been printed or not. Once a document is printed/emailed, the field gets updated and when you try to reprint the document in either a batch (for Sales) or from Print Sales/Purchasing Documents, the code is written to exclude those documents from the print. If you want previously printed documents to print, you need to mark an option called "Reprint Previously Printed/Sent".   The reason that the documents print from the Entry window is because it’s coded to print regardless if it’s ever been printed or not. We assume if you are printing individually in Sales/Purchasing Entry that you intended to print it so it works. Where in the Batches or Print Sales/Purchasing window, we assume you just want new documents to print/email.

This is true with Packing slips, picking tickets as well.

Location of option when printing Sales or Purchasing documents:


Batch option: Transactions > Sales > Sales Batches > Pullup batch and select Print. Select option you want to print (Order, Picking Ticket or Packing Slip) and select the appropriate “Reprint” option.

Print Sales Documents:   Transactions > Sales > Print Sales Documents

Select option you want to print (Document, Packing slip or Picking Ticket) and select the appropriate “Reprint” option.



Print Purchasing documents: Transactions > Purchasing > Print Purchasing Documents. Ensure the Reprint Previously Printed\Sent Pos is marked.


I hope this information is helpful!


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Angela Ebensteiner | Sr. Technical Advisor | Microsoft Dynamics GP