Hi Everyone! 

I’ve been getting a few questions around this, so I wanted to share with you how some functionality changes with SOP and POP when you have MFG installed.  With MFG you may have receive Job Costing which gives you the ability to right click on lines when working on a SOP/POP document.  This gives you the option to link the line/cost to a specific job in MFG.  However, with this functionality, the original Cut, Copy, Delete etc is no longer available on the line.  So, I want to provide you some insight on where to look for those options. 

Typically, when you right click on the line in SOP, what you see if MFG is not installed is the full menu of Cut, Copy, Delete etc.

However, with MFG installed including Job Costing, the menu options are no longer there.   You will see Currently linked to: >   And Link to…


Good news!  In SOP the options are still available, you just need to go to a different location to access it.  To Insert/Delete Row you will need to select the icon in the header of the line.  The one in RED is for deleting lines and the one in BLUE is to insert a line. 

The other options are also still available under the Edit Option.  Highlight an item and select Edit and get to those options.

With POP there is a bit of a hurdle depending on if you use the ACTION pane or MENU item. 

Below is the difference. 

When it’s the ACTION pane that is used, it shows like this.  No option to Edit > Delete row etc.  and there is no option on the line to Insert or Delete unfortunately.


However, when it’s set to Menu Bar it shows like this and all the options are visible. 

To change the option to Menu Bar go to:  Home >> User Preferences and change the Windows Command Display to Menu Bar.  You will have to exit GP and launch back in to take effect.


For users using the Action pane option, the only workaround I could find to get some of those options back for the POP module was to use the Menu option so at this time you have to use that Windows command to see the options in POP.  The options weren't in the SAME place as they were before MFG installed, but they at least were available from the windows when using Menu option. 


I created a suggestion in hopes to get some additional functionality added to GP to bring those options back when right clicking on the line when MFG is installed.  Please vote below!!!


Microsoft Idea · Add back right click options on SOP and POP lines when Manufacturing is installed (dynamics.com)


Hope this helps explain where to find the options when you have MFG/Job costing installed!

Warmest Regards,

Angela Ebensteiner | SR Technical Advisor | Microsoft Dynamics GP