Hello GP Community!

Update: The Intelligent Cloud Insights have been reworked, and the issue below should be resolved! The Windows Update freezing is still an issue, and can be found below the line.

We have recently come across reports of GP freezing either intermittently, or any time someone attempts to print (even to PDF).

To start with, let’s deal with the intermittent freezing.

This problem is caused by a recent change to the Intelligent Cloud Insights link. This change has caused issues with some users depending on if they were logged into BC, and what settings they use. We are working on a comprehensive fix, but in the meantime all other homepages should work.  You can swap to the default homepage by clicking on the ‘Username’s Home’ option on the homepage. I am logged in as sa below:

If you have multiple users setup to use the Intelligent Cloud Insights page, you can swap them all using the following script. We recommend you do this when everyone is out of GP. We also always recommend creating a SQL backup prior to running any SQL scripts.

Update DYNAMICS..SY08100 set Visible = 0 where SectionID = 2 and DICTID = 0 and SEQNUMBR = 1

This should resolve the intermittent issue.

Next, if your issue continues, or only occurs while printing (even to PDF), check your Windows Updates.  

Here is how to check, and resolve this issue:

  1. Log onto the workstation having the issue (if using RDS/RemoteApp, you will want to check the Workstation AND Remote server)
  2. Click the Windows button and search for “About Your PC”, click on the option that appears: 


  3. On this screen is a section named Windows Specifications, you will want to take note of the Version. In my example I am on Version 1909.
  4. Open a Browser and go to https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/release-information/
  5. On the left side of the screen, find the version from step 3, expand it, and select the Resolved issues area page
  6. Scroll down and find (or use your Browser’s Find functionality) the issue noted as ‘Print spooler might error or close unexpectedly when attempting to print’
  7. To the right of this will be two columns, the first is the KB that caused this issue, and the second will be KB that can help resolve the issue:

In my case I will need to install KB4567512, with the link in the right-most column walking me through that process. In most cases this KB should be waiting for you to install as part of your normal Windows Update process. In the case where this is handled by your IT, you can now tell them what update to push through for users.

Note: These steps are identical for both Workstations and Servers

Hopefully this helps everyone thaw out GP!