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I recently had a case where the Email button was greyed out in the Sales Transaction Entry window for a specific Doc Type in Sales. Email was fully setup for the Sales Modules and the customer had other ID’s that were working correctly.

Today’s blog will cover the Form Types that we are able to email with in GP and where we can email them from in the Sales Module. 

In GP, we have the following form types available to use in the Sales module.

  1. Blank Paper.
  2. Short Form.
  3. Long Form.
  4. Other Form.

Of all the forms listed above, there is only one that is able to be emailed directly from the Sales Transaction Entry window by default. This is the Blank Form. The other can be emailed, but we do not have core templates created for these so they would need to be manually created if these are to be emailed.

The other thing that comes into play with the other forms is they won’t be available to email through the Transaction Entry window as the Email button gets greyed out or hidden. The trick to emailing these is to use the Print Sales Document and use the Email process below.

In the screenshots below, I show an example of how the default Format that you have selected will determine whether you can email directly from the Sales Transaction Entry window when using the Blank Form vs the other forms.

  1. Selecting the Blank Form Format in my Sales Document Setup allows the Email Button to be used in the Transaction Entry.

  2. Selecting any of the other Formats in Sales Document Setup you can see that the email button is greyed out.

  3. To email any forms other than the Blank Form, we need to use the Print Sales Document window. This can be accessed either by clicking the Print Button on the Sales Transaction Entry window, the Sales Order Transactions Navigation List or by using the following path: Sales >> Transactions >> Print Sales Documents.

In 2015, functionality was introduced to allow the emailing of the Short, Long and Other form.

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I hope this helps.

Thank you!