In Dynamics GP, prices can either be configured using the standard or extended functionality. Dynamics GP essentials is sharing a free tool to import the prices into Dynamics GP using an excel-based functionality which has been applied on big GP implementations. 

Here is the template for the item price list:

  • Scroll Line is a function which auto generates the line sequence number on the item price list window
  • Item Number
  • Selling Unit of measurement
  • Unit price
  • Currency 
It is important to take into consideration that this tool works for the standard pricing function in Dynamics GP, specifically for the currency amount price method. 

In order to run the tool, fill out the template with the required details including the fields above, and make sure to auto generate the scroll line in order to auto generate the Scroll Line number sequence. After that, the excel formulas on the "Macro Columns" need to be dragged on all the records. 

Then follow the steps below:
  1. Copy column L from the excel into a word document
  2. From word document, copy the content into note pad (.mac)
  3. Run he Macro on the item price list maintenance window above 

In order to download the free price list import tool, click on the following download link

Best Regards, 
Mahmoud M. AlSaadi