It has been our experience that companies starting down the path of evaluating new ERP and accounting software often don’t k now where to begin.  The fact is that there is a plethora of material available for learning about which ERP software systems are out there and for comparing and contrasting the features and functionality of each. 

Let’s start with some great Web sites for conducting research (listed alphabetically), bearing in mind that some of the listings on these sites are written by the vendors themselves:

But what about the white papers and on demand Webcasts I promised you?  Here’s a link to a page of material on ERP and accounting software where you can download a PowerPoint on The Software Selection ABCs, a white paper on Evaluating Financial Management Software, a Webcast on the Roadmap for Purchasing Accounting Software, as well as dozens of podcasts, PowerPoints, Webcasts, and videos on more specialized topics relating to ERP and accounting software.  A one-time simple login gives you access to all of the on demand material.  There is also a great Midmarket ERP Solutions Checklist and an ERP Systems Market Primer. 

By Altico Advisors, Dynamics GP Partner for Manufacturing and Distribution

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