While there is a multitude of places to find the various tables in Microsoft Dynamics GP, sometimes it can be somewhat of a challenge to figure out how to connect two tables properly to each other.

Therefore, this blog post series will show you how to connect two tables in Microsoft Dynamics GP whenever you are doing a join on those two tables.

Keep in mind however, that I will use only the actual table names and field names, not the logical names. So no “Payroll Master” table but “UPR00100”. If you need to know the actual table name in SQL Server of the “Payroll Master” table, multiple people have already done that part. Moreover, to be completely honest, I usually use the spreadsheet from Mark Polino’s blog post “Excel Based Table and Field Reference for Dynamics GP 2013”.

In addition, instead of ordering the list by product, section, or whatever, I will list the various new post by the first table listed in the join.

So, keep checking the "Table of Contents" as I add new links. Feel free to request specific table links and I will happily add those as quickly as I can.

Lastly, but most importantly, if you see anything wrong, or out dated, in any of these posts, please let me know so that I can correct them for everyone’s benefit. 


Table of Contents


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