Ok, I am still trying to figure out how to change the way Human Resources uses about two thirds of the fields in the system.


Nevertheless, I have figure out a few other things. On the Dynamics GP side, we have four company databases that have information that needs to be in the warehouse in some manner, and as I only want one Enterprise Data Warehouse (EDW) database, I will need to figure out some way of consolidating that information into a single database.


There is also Active Directory (AD) to deal with. From what my preliminary testing has revealed it would be better to pull the information from AD into some sort of Microsoft Database before it goes to the EDW.


On the Healthcare Application side which is a hosted solution I have to database logged shipped to me on an hourly schedule but, as it is logged shipped I need to make sure that no one is in that database when the log restore job starts.


The phone system and the training system use another form of SQL that is not Microsoft. Therefore, I want to pull information from those systems into a true Microsoft SQL Server database before that information gets to the EDW database.


All of this data movement MUST have at least two properties.

1.       The building of the EDW should not affect Application Performance in any significant manner. I definitely do not want to harm the payroll process just because I am updating the EDW. Hey, I like getting a paycheck. J

2.        The building of the EDW should not affect the Performance of the Consolidated Business Intelligence (CBI) side either. Just because I am updating the EDW, should not hinder or prevent someone from running a report or doing some sort of Analysis. Keeping the boss happy is also good for continued paychecks. J


Hummm, I seem to be running into a theme here. Pull the data from the application databases into another database before it goes into the EDW. Let me dig into that idea and see what I come up with on my next post.



Till then, John