Sorry it's been so long, seems like the more I have to do, the less time I have to do it in.  :)

Anyway, my next project is a single point of entry application for a multi-application, multi-process, data integration, and BI solution.




Let me rephrase that. Some user somewhere in the company will enter information into a single input application that will then populate Dynamics GP, Our Health Care Application, Active Directory, Our Phone System, Our Training System, etc. That is 18 different systems that he wants populated from one user input Application. Now, I actually agree with in on a number of points; the main one is that every time a person has to enter the same information into one of these systems there is the possibility of typographical errors, mistakes, etc. Hey, we are all human and we can all make mistakes. That is not counting the amount of time it takes various users to enter the same information into multiple systems.


How many times do you want to key in a person’s name?


Additionally, he also wants all these systems to feed into a single Enterprise Data Warehouse (EDW) so that we can have Consolidated Business Intelligence (CBI) across all aspects of the company. I agree with him on that as well. It would be great to match up our Health Care Application data, our Dynamics GP data, and out Training System data with each other. This way we could easily compare the cost versus the income of doing business. Not to mention a multitude of other things that need to be compared that are currently in different systems and have to be manually compared via a ton of spreadsheets that has data cut-n-pasted into them hundreds of times. That is, if they are actually compared at all.


For all you accountants out there, think about trying to do a Profit and Loss Statement when your Receivables are in one system, your payables and payroll are in another, and inventory is in yet a third.


So, where do I start? Well, I think I would like to have the entry application to offer as many drop downs to the user as possible to eliminate as much data entry errors as possible. The more the user selects and less they type the cleaner the entry data. At least that is my thinking.

Step 1) Spend a day searching the web for code I can use to start pulling all this data together. Hummmm, There is not much code out there that I could find.

On to Plan B:
Step 1) Start pulling everything together myself, and blog about it as I go (with source code where applicable) so the next person has a step up on this process. Surly someone else will go down this path at some point in time.


Oh, and one last thing, while we are at it, let us change how we use about two thirds of the fields in the Human Resources part of Dynamics GP. This should be just loads of fun. :)


So, join me on a journey through the insides of SQL and Dynamics GP the likes of which you have never seen before. Moreover, I hope to end up with a system that anyone could use and be proud to have.



Till later,