The list is out for 2012!

You can get to the list from the DynamicsWorld website here.

First, I congratulate all those that made the list! Especially those that I know and follow, you all are GREAT!


I do not wish to detract from the achievements of those that did make the list, however, I find myself agreeing with Vaidy with his post Microsoft Dynamics Most Influential People Top 100. When he wonders where is David Musgrave's name? With all that he has done for the community I would think he would be on the list as well.

And unless I am blind I also noticed that there are several others, like Andrew Anatol Karasev MVP, Charles L. Allen MVP, Ian Stewart MVP, Jivtesh Singh MVP, Leslie Vail MVP, Mohammad R. Daoud MVP, or Kim Peterson the Director of Programming for the Great Plains User Group, just to name a few, that I feel should be on the list, but are missing in action.

There are many others I could name as well, but as I am getting tired of typing, I will just leave it by paraphrasing Vaidy, "this is just my opinion". Smile 


Till later,