Recently I received a request for assistance in which a user could not understand why the Item Currency on a New GP Item Number was greyed out and they could not enter an item that had multiple decimals in its cost.

This user has years of GP experience but had never seen this issue.  The user was Googling and Googling and could not find the answer.

The issue was not an issue, but a difference.

In GP, if you have a multi-currency environment then you must setup different Item Currencies in a new tab called "Item Currency" in the drop-down Go-To area of an item or you can go straight to Item Currency in the Inventory Cards section of GP.

Create your new item as usual and then select the drop-down go to and in Item Currency choose the currency you want to setup with the item (or all currencies individually) and then use the drop-down to select the currency decimal places there.

Now, hopefully, Google can help users find this answer.