With the amount of money customers pay for software and implementations nowadays, it only makes sense that they would want to maximize their investment. What better than free (as in no strings attached!) software that works as intended. Because of this, I have set out to compile a list of the top 10 free add-ons -- in no particular order -- that I would drop into ANY Microsoft Dynamics GP implementation, no questions asked!

1) Support Debugging Tool. Ok, so I am biased! I have talked about this product in two Microsoft conferences and to outright show how biased I am, I am also personal friends with the product's author, David Musgrave. SDT is a collection of some of the most powerful administrative tools for Microsoft Dynamics GP currently available from anywhere, with rich features like Resource Information, Security Profiler, Dictionary Control, SQL Execute, Runtime Execute, XML Import/Export and the even more powerful Advance Debugger mode. So, where can you download this product? The product is available from Microsoft. If you are customer you MUST request it from your Microsoft Partner, and no, you shouldn't need to pay for it. The product is available via PartnerSource. For more information on SDT, visit the Support Debugging Tool Portal page over at Developing for Dynamics GP.

2) VersionPro. I really like when someone can identify a problem and produce a simple, yet powerful solution. Are you currently having problems keeping tabs of all the dictionary product versions throughout your entire organization? Version Pro is an administrative tool designed to ease the hassles of maintaining workstations on your Dynamics GP network. It keeps track of each product you have installed at a system level – and takes the next step in ensuring that each and every workstation on your network is on the same version for every product. VersionPro is available from Rockton Software -- yes, Mark Rockwell and his crew -- and can be downloaded here.

3) Password Expiration Notice. How many times have you been frustrated by passwords expiring with no prior notification to you or your system administrator? While I have addressed this issue from a SQL Server perspective in my article Enforcing Password Policy with Microsoft Dynamics GP, my friend and fellow blogger Michael Johnson, the MBS Guru takes it a step forward by implementing a Visual Studio Tools customization to check up on expiring passwords. You can download Michael's solution here.

4) Dynamics GP Productivity Pack Add-on. Do you work all day long with customer records? Won't you like to be able to capture information much faster and visit the typical inquiry and transaction entry screens just from the Customer Maintenance window? Matt Landis and the folks over at Landis Computer have the answer. You can download Matt's Productivity Pack Add-On here.

5) DexSense. Are you a die hard Dexterity developer? Wish you could have IntelliSense embedded in Dexterity to speed up your product development cycle? Just a few weeks aback I posted a call to vote on IntelliSense for Dexterity, but the answer came from the community. Tim Gordon at Alpine Limited in South Africa worked tirelessly to produce a solid first approach to IntelliSense with the product now being featured by MVP Leslie Vail in her new round of Dexterity training here in the United States. Now you can download Tim's DexSense here.

6) SpellCheck for Dynamics GP. Who knew right? Tired of misspelling every word typed into those pesky note fields? SpellCheck for Dynamics GP provides spell-checking on any Note, Comment, Text or String field in GP and 3rd party products. SpellCheck can be attached to any text entry field in the application. This add-on is an essential tool for environments that rely heavily on the accuracy of every single word stored in their database. You can download SpellCheck here.

7) Menus for Visual Studio Tools. This is another great free add-on that allows the developer in you to place your WinForms on a standard Microsoft Dynamics GP menu. This gem is also created by Microsoft's David Musgrave. For more information and links to download Menus for Visual Studio Tools click here.

8) Purchasing Account Required. Missing an expense account on a purchase order line item can be just a bit as annoying as having to figure out which line was missed. Michael Johnson puts out another piece of code that takes the thinking out of entering POs by making the Purchase Order account required in the process of entering the order. As if it wasn't enough, you can download both the VBA and the VST versions of the customization here.

9) SmartSort.Perhaps you’ve already discovered that getting your hands on information inside of Microsoft Dynamics GP may not always be an easy proposition, despite the range of tools available. EthoTech SmartSort speeds up your inquiries — and your data entry — by eliminating as many as 3 mouse clicks per lookup. Now you can automatically sort lookup information in almost every conceivable way! Quickly find the information you need by customizing your own view based on built-in advanced sorting options or SmartList favorites. AND… you can use SmartSort with over 40 Microsoft Dynamics GP lookup windows. Download SmartSort here.

10) SOP Batch Split. I couldn't have wrapped up the list without one of my own. Ever wish you could segregate invoices that have been transferred from orders in the same batch? What if all you want to do is change the batch name for a few sales transactions? Now you can do this with the SOP Batch Split tool. SOP Batch Split is a free add-on that uses Modifier with VBA and T-SQL stored procedures to perform a SOP batch transfer and is available here.

If you enjoyed this list and would like to know about other free products or suggest your own please add a comment to this post. Until next post!

Mariano Gomez, MVP
Maximum Global Business, LLC