When Shannon Mullins received her first Microsoft MVP award in April, she had just about given up all hope of ever getting that all-important email.

A Microsoft practice director at management advisory firm MorganFranklin Consulting in Washington D.C., Mullins was nominated for the award sometime in early October. In fact, Mullins and one of her friends with a similar background in the community had been nominated at the same time. And they were both being mentored by the same person. Mullins explained:

She found out a month before I found out, that she didn't get it. Honestly, I thought that if she didn't get it, I didn't get it. I literally almost fell out of my chair when I saw the email, because I was just shocked. I thought, 'Oh boy. OK, this is happening.' It was a very surreal moment.

I think I was actually with one of our managing directors and I saw the email come across. I was like, 'Can you hold on a second? I can't talk right now. I'm speechless.' It was pretty cool. I had someone on the phone with me when I read it, so we were just celebrating virtually.

A 20-year career with Dynamics

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