A guest blog post from Tom Myers


Infinia Integrator 6.1: More to Love


Infinia Integrator gained its reputation from the copy, paste and import functions for journal entries. From there, we built out a feature set that makes the tool indispensable for those who have tried the product. Recently, we announced a brand-new version that will include more features people will love, all of which are built on the foundation of the gold-standard for copying, pasting and importing your journal entries in Microsoft Dynamics GP.


There is one story I love to tell about the time I was in New Orleans for a trade show, and someone attending my demo was ready to plugin Integrator after trying some other products that made their life miserable. They even went as far as bringing their CFO over to the booth to purchase the tool.


Infinia Integrator is a product that people love. We’ve seen and heard time and time again that the copy, paste, import functionality it provides saves hundreds of hours of time thanks to the multiple journal entry feature that brings your data into your system with the color-coded validation.


The key to our development is that we strive to always make it as easy as possible for the end user. The less time spent training, the more time someone is being productive. The more they can self-troubleshoot with color-coded validation, the fewer calls to IT or in-office experts that saves time. The quicker the product can be patched into your ERP system, the faster journal entries can be added. All these tasks boil down to finding savings that will translate into saving money.


How does that play into the new Infinia Integrator 6.1 update? With new multi-batch import for the AP Integrator, new MEM features for those using Binary Stream Multi-Entry Management and support for Analytical Accounting, our approach makes it easy to accomplish these tasks.


There is so much more to discover with Infinia Integrator and how it makes life easy. Please visit the Infinia Integrator website for more information and a special deal to see Infinia Integrator in action for you.


Tom Myers is the IP Practice Leader for Sikich, a leading professional services firm that specializes in accounting, technology and advisory services; ranks as one of the country’s Top 35 CPA firms and is among the top 1 percent of all enterprise resource planning technology resellers in the world.