You might have noticed that content for Dynamics GP is available on the site at But did you know that you can contribute to the docs?


We’re very excited to have Dynamics GP on the site. This site brings us a new toolset based on Open Source Software and GitHub-flavored MarkDown in a public GitHub repo:


In this new world, we use Open Source Software, which means that you can choose to use the same tools as we do: Visual Studio Code, Atom, and DocFx. You'll be able to fork the repo and make your customizations in your copy of our source files. You'll be notified if we publish updates, and GitHub will help you merge our changes into your content.


But even more importantly, we want your help in adding and updating the content here on the site. The content that we have published to is the installation and upgrade docs, but there is plenty of more content out there that can be added. For example, if you have a list of workarounds that you always carry with you, then add it to GitHub, submit a pull request, and we’ll pick up your suggestions the next day or the next week for publishing.


Getting started is easy  - once you figure it out, of course. Start by checking the Docs Contributor Guide that has lots of tips and tricks. Then go to the repo at and create your fork. Practice based on the tips in the file, and when you’re ready, submit your first pull request. Yes, it’s a lot of new terminology and tools to learn, but we look forward to your contributions, and we’re very excited about this new world of collaboration on the Dynamics GP docs.