You might remember from previous posts that I am the guy that has the exciting life of writing books about AP Automation (I am a lot of fun at parties). Taking the lead from my previous post about the book I wrote for Dynamics users, The 8 Pitfalls of AP Automation for Dynamics, I wanted to write about each pitfall, so today I am going to start with Pitfall #1.

Just Like Kids

I have four kids, but I don’t have a favorite… really I don’t. I have 8 pitfalls, but I do have a favorite … it’s the first one which is Know Your Environment. As I mentioned in my last post, the reason I wrote The 8 Pitfalls was to give people insight into where they could go wrong with AP Automation. The first pitfall is my favorite because it separates the successful projects from the unsuccessful ones.


The problem is that most companies don’t even think about looking internally before looking externally, which is the point behind the first pitfall.

So What Is It?

The first pitfall can be best explained by a story or scenario. When an organization decides to look into AP and Payment Automation to see if it’s something they should do, the Know your AP environmentnatural reaction is to go to the Internet for a friendly Accounts Payable or AP Automation search. The search, by design of service providers, results in a list of organizations that would love to sell you automation services. Your organization selects a few companies, contacts them, and starts the demo process. The process gets hot and heavy and many (MANY) hours are spent talking, reviewing and analyzing each offering only to find out that they are very similar and there is no clear winner. The first pitfall, Know Your Environment, encourages initial researchers to look internally before going to the Internet.

What Should You Know?

Before you start to work with service providers, there are a few things that you should know about your organization.

  1. Your process. I know this may come across as simple, but it is important to know where all of your invoices are going as well as who is touching and managing each invoice. When you know that, you can figure out how much time each task takes.
  2. You current cost to process. I refer to this as cost per invoice. Each invoice that goes through your process costs your organization a certain amount of money, regardless of the amount on the invoice. This number is extremely important before you automate.
  3. Your company’s ability to change. I write a lot about this in the book, because it helps companies set realistic goals. If a company has a difficult time changing, going all in with AP Automation maybe too much to handle. However if a company is ready, there is no need to move slowly. In this situation, knowing is a lot more than half the battle.


The moral of the story is that before you search, you should do some research internally. As I wrote in the introduction, looking internally before going externally is a step that will save you a lot of time and headaches.

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