What Is It? 

AP Automation Advocate


An advocate is a person or group of people who are charged with managing the change when it comes to AP Automation. An advocate can be both positive and negative, but for the sake of this article, I am going to write about the positive points of advocates so you can use the idea strategically throughout  your journey to AP Automation.

5 Things

1) When I use a word like “advocate” it implies one person. It does not have to be a single person.  It can be a group of people. Among the larger companies with which I have worked, there is a committee. Whether it’s a committee or a single person, the role of the advocate will work the same way.

2) The advocate is someone who carries respect within the organization. There are two types of respect – there is “titled” and “earned.” People will listen to both, but that does not mean that both are equal. Titled respect refers to a a person within the company who holds a high ranking title. Earned respect refers to a person to whom others in the company respect. If you could create a perfect situation, it would be best if your advocate had both.

3) Your advocate is an agent of change. There would be nothing worse than having an advocate that didn’t like change. The ideal advocate will have experience with change, meaning she or he has been an advocate for other projects that were successful.

4) Your advocate should be someone who is brought into AP Automation. Ordinarily the advocate or the group of advocates is the person or people who get the automation project started, but they should also be a champion of AP Automation.

5) This is a tricky one and one that is similar to #3, but your advocate should be someone who has tenure with the company. Be warned; if you are new with the company that does not mean you need to shy away from AP Automation, but it will likely mean that you need to recruit some of the “old-timers” to help you.

Final Thoughts

As I wrote in the introduction, an advocate is someone who manages change within your organization. This role is extremely important. It can be a different person or the same person as the project manager, but it is a role that needs to stand on its own as a unique aspect of the project.

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