So this week was all about GP Tech Conference in Fargo, and sadly I couldn’t attend due to other scheduling conflicts.
However, some good friend & MVP’s have been there and reported their journey thru their respective blog posts.. Grab a cup of coffee (or Tea  ) or a glass of Wine and read thru them.. There are some nice topics covered and should you encourage to register for GPUG Summit in Phoenix this fall.
Davis Musgrave‘s blog:
(note: I’m sure David is going to blog extensively on the conference after his return to home town)
Rod O’Connor‘s blog:
Steve Endow‘s blog:
Steven hasn’t blogged (yet) about this year’s Fargo Tech Conference, but he is very active on his Twitter account when attending such events, sharing many interesting news
Mariano Gomez‘s blog:
That same could be said for Mariano as for Steve, but I know he was pretty busy by presenting sessions this week in Fargo, so maybe he’ll share some if his thoughts after he’s got home
Happy reading!
Until next time,