David Meego - Click for blog homepage Are you getting sick and tired of spam emails?

Have you had your fill of scams and phishing emails trying to steal your hard earned cash by fooling you into giving away money or personal details?

Well, now you have an opportunity to fight back and Scam the Scammers.

Recently, I saw an article from The Verge (link below) about an email chatbot that was designed to waste scammers time, created by New Zealand company, Netsafe.

Next time you get sent a scam email, FORWARD it me@rescam.org and let the automated chatbot keep the scammer busy. This way they are not hassling innocent people who might just get sucked in.

Check out the Re:scam introduction video below:

Re:scam (direct link)

Although the Verge article also mentions this, Re:scam reminded me of Lenny. Lenny is a chatbot created to waste telemarketers time. It listens for gaps in the conversation and uses a number of pre-recorded responses to keep leading the telemarketer on and waste their time. Below is a video call of Lenny in action and it is hilarious.

Best Lenny call ever! “I got to hang up. I cain’t do this no longer. No, sir.” (direct link)

For more information, check out the links below:

Add a contact to your address book for Rescam (mailto:me@rescam.org) and forward scam emails to the chatbot.

Just a final thought: I am sick of receiving unsolicited phone calls, while some of these are scammers, some are possibly legitimate businesses trying to get work. This comment is for those businesses who think that cold calling me without permission is a good idea…. I will NEVER use the services of any business that cold calls me. Even if I am interested in what you have to offer, because you contacted me unsolicited, the answer is “no” … on principle. I will just contact one of your competitors myself. I will also recommend against you to my friends. If you would finally understand that cold calling does not work, then maybe you would stop.



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