David Meego - Click for blog homepage After the huge success at the GPUG Summit 2015 conference, Beat Bucher MVP and I will be presenting an encore performance of our GP Power Tools (GPPT) session as a webinar.

Even though the session title mentions the Support Debugging Tool (SDT), the session focusses on GP Power Tools. This is because the Support Debugging Tool has been discontinued since October 2014 and replaced by GP Power Tools.

The webinar session is being presented as part of the DBA SIG (Database Administrators Special Interest Group). The details of the session are below:

This webinar takes you through some of the many ways that the Support Debugging Tool can make your life administering, supporting, consulting or developing for Microsoft Dynamics GP easier. David Musgrave and Beat Bucher will use real life examples to show how the Support Debugging tool can help. This session also includes demonstrations of GP Power Tools, and its new features.

This webinar is part of the Database Administrators Special Interest Group, whose goal is to help you learn and share expertise, tools and tips for managing and developing for Dynamics GP

DBA SIG: Why is the Support Debugging Tool/GP Power Tools so Amazing?

Thursday 17th March 2016 (10:00 AM) to Thursday 17th March 2016 (11:00 AM) (US EST)

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Hope to see you there


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