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Budget Transactions

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WindyCityGP asked a question on 17 Mar 2017 8:54 AM
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I entered and posted some budget transactions.  There were no errors during posting and the batch is gone.  I went into the budget Transaction Summary Inquiry window and the "Original Budget" column does not display the original amounts, they include the transactions I just posted, and there are no figures in the "Adjustments" column.  The "Current Budget" field is the same as the "Original Budget" (which include the posted transactions).  When I first entered the transactions, they were in the GL12000 and GL12001; once posted, I expected to see them in the GL32000....but nothing is there.  I have run Checklinks on the Budget Master, but no change.  Where are these transactions?

On a slightly different note, I attempted to run a Management Reporter report prior to posting the budget batch with the option to Include Unposted Transactions, but it did not pick up the transactions in the budget batch.  Should it have, or does MR not recognize budget batches?

Ken Johnson - SBS responded on 19 May 2017 12:33 PM

interesting issue..... we have a customer with exactly the same results.  Budget Transactions were posted without issue and now the Inquiry window shows the total new amount without regard to beginning balances and adjustments.   they are on GP2013R2. 

I saw the same results as you in all budget tables. 

any update for you?

WindyCityGP responded on 19 May 2017 12:37 PM
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No update.  If we used budget transactions more, I'd open a case, but not worth it at this point.  Hoping it's been fixed in 2016 R2.

Ken Johnson - SBS responded on 19 May 2017 2:17 PM

I figured it out---

If you open the Budget Transaction Entry window and enter the date, account, budget id and then put an amount in the Amount field next to Increase/Decrease radio buttons and click Post, it WILL update the budget amount, but it will NOT record the transaction.

If you enter all the relevant information and then enter the amount in the Adjustment column and then post, it will update the budget amount AND record the transaction.  Then all the inquiries work, including the Budget Transaction Summary, which will list the Original Budget, Adjustments and Current Budget.

You can use the Calculation Method, Amount, and Increase/Decrease radio buttons along with the Calculate button to make mass adjustments to the budget across all periods.  The key here is to have amounts listed in the Adjustment column before you post the transaction.  If amounts are listed, the transaction will be available for inquiry/reporting.  If an amount is entered in the Amount field next to radio buttons, the budget will be updated, but the transaction will not be recorded.

WindyCityGP responded on 19 May 2017 3:06 PM
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Unfortunately, that did not work on 2015 R2.  For journal 1, I keyed in figures in the Adjustment column and saved it.  For journal 2, I put in a set amount $5 for an Amount Change and clicked on calculate.  Afterwards, the $5 increase was displayed  in the Adjustment column for all 12 periods.  The 2 journals printed on the Edit List.  Posted it...I am unable to pull it up either journal, or view it in the SQL budget trx tables, but the totals were updated.  :(

David Carlos responded on 12 Apr 2018 11:57 AM


Check to see if the Budget Transactions is marked under Maintain History in the General Ledger Setup window.




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