Exporting GL entries into GP

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Sean Houlahan asked a question on 18 May 2017 4:21 PM


I have recently started exporting GL entries from our payroll software (Avanti) into GP. Occasionally, there is an account in the GL export file that does not exist in GP. When this happens the journal entry is created with no account number in the account field. I can fill in the appropriate account number but when I do this GP will never let me post the journal entry. It always gives an error saying 'debits and credits do not balance.' But this is not the case; the JE does balance. It's something to do with the blank account field. Is there something I can do to make sure these JEs post? Unfortunately, I can't fix it in my payroll software because Avanti treats GL accounts differently than GP. Avanti does not tie all 4 accounts segments together so it's possible for staff who are entering their expense claims to enter accounts that don't exist in GP.  Thanks for your assistance.

Leslie Vail responded on 18 May 2017 7:05 PM

Are you using IM for your import utility?

Sean Houlahan responded on 19 May 2017 4:13 PM

Hi Leslie,

Yes our payroll software - Avanti - has an Integration Module that I use to export the journal entries.

Leslie Vail responded on 19 May 2017 5:02 PM


If you are using IM, you could run an integration to create the missing account first and then go ahead with your import. An alternative is to create a suspense account to hold the transactions that do not have a good account. You can accomplish all of this with bits of VB script that you can insert at different parts of the integration.