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Mohammed Sifar asked a question on 24 Jul 2010 4:46 AM
Hi All, I have a request , I would like to make Alternative window for project Accounting Dictionary , May i know is there is any way to create it through dexterity ?.. PleaZ Help me... Thanks and Best Regards...
Dedy Alamsyah responded on 28 Jul 2010 4:18 PM

Hi Mohammed

What version you have ?

Do you have the Dext tools ?

The helps it self can assist you how to do that






Mohammed Sifar responded on 30 Jul 2010 10:39 PM
Hi Dedy Thank you for the Replay Version : Dynamic GP 10 , Yes I am using dexterity , I want to make an Alternative window for project accounting module through dexterity programming. I know how to make Alternative Window through Modifier and VBA. I created alternative window in dynamic.dic through steps mentioned in the knowledge base article, I have tried to make it for project accounting it does not work properly,,, I want to know is it possible to make it, In an article i read that it is not possible to make alternative window for any dictionaries and other than dynamic.dic is it true .?. I expecting favorable reply Thank you Best regards...
Mariano Gomez responded on 1 Aug 2010 5:09 AM

Couple things to know before we get started here:

1. Modifier creates modified windows or modified alternate windows

2. You cannot use Dexterity to create an alternate version of a third party resource. Even if you were to do a Developer Update with Dynamics Utilities to merge the Dynamics and the Project Accounting dictionaries to create your customization, you would still face the issue of extracting your resources from those of the Project Accounting dictionary.

As it stands, you have 3 options:

1. Merge the Dynamics dictionary with the project dictionary, then transfer the window with all the associated tables to a new development dictionary (your development dictionary) to implement all the changes to the UI. This will also transfer all fields and data types needed to support the window and table fields. The only downside to this is you have to build all the code that would otherwise exist on the standard project window yourself, which means, you would have to be very familiar with the functions of that window.

2. Create a companion window and table to the window in Project that you want change. This companion window will allow you to add any fields, etc, that you want to implement, then use triggers to drive the CRUD operations based on the behaviors on the main window.

3. Use Modifier to implement the changes to the UI, then use Visual Studio Tools to drive the code.

Take a look at the sample code that David Musgrave and I built and presented at Convergence 2010 Atlanta:

Microsoft Dynamics Convergence 2010 - Wrap Up and Materials

You will also want to look at the Pushing the Limits with Dexterity material available on the Developing for Dynamics GP website.

Cross Dictionary Dexterity Development

Good luck

David Musgrave responded on 3 Aug 2010 9:06 PM

I should mention that suggestion 1 is actually in breach of the license agreement.

Have a look at these posts on the topic.

Understanding Cross Dictionary Dexterity Development

Can I customise a 3rd party form with Dexterity?

Cross Dictionary Dexterity Development


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