How do we make a complaint on the uselessness of MR Migration with MC

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SueC asked a question on 11 Oct 2011 1:00 PM

Here's the issue, if you have companies with currencies that are not USD for both funcitonal and Reporting and used FRx to do the currency translations, plan to spend a whole lot of time  re-creating your rows if you used the related rows and put in AVGMONTHLY or CCSPOT because it then doesn't bring over any of the accounts, they come over totally blank.

Considering over 75 of my row formats are setup this way, if I had known, I would have taken a copy of my reports in FRx, opened them all up and gotten rid of the related units that said AVGMonthly or CCSPOT then maybe I would have had a chance that they would have translated.  So far my opinion of MR is not impressed.  It is like they rushed it out the door.  You can't even use the tab key (standard Microsoft to move from dimension to dimension in the rows you have to use an arrow to move sideways. 

And if you had the Accounts showing, what a mess.  You may as well take them out altogether because they show up like this

+Account = [41*], Dept = [R04], LOB = [110], Company = [GA]

  instead of 41*-RO4-110-GA

I certainly don't have enough room on a report to have all that show.  And unlike FRx where we used to be able to cut and paste from an excel spreadsheet, forget about it.


Dale Coulthard responded on 12 Oct 2011 8:43 AM

Thanks for the post as it helps others evaluate options.  We are heavy users of multi-currency and use FRx.  Our ISV told me not to consider MR yet and suggested we stay with FRx for probably another two years until all the kinks are worked through.  It appears to be the case.  When I look at Microsoft Connect and see all the posts for enhancements to MR, I got the impression that our ISV was correct.

Sorry that I cannot answer your question regarding complaints, but I assume that you could post an enhancement suggestion on Microsoft Connect related to the migration and if you use an ISV, then talk to them about if they can inform Microsoft of the issues MR has caused you and your organization.

Best regards,


Ryan Sandness responded on 12 Oct 2011 2:17 PM

Hi Susan,

Sorry to hear your frustrations on this.

I'm not aware of any issues with currency related rows breaking the migration, but it appears there may be one.

Out of curiosity, did you follow the migration guide KB ( or the migration guide on the MR documentation download site to clean up your reports before migrating? There are a few issues that can cause no accounts to pull over, and I want to make sure it was not one of these other known issues.

Unfortunately we did not intend the migration wizard to automatically make all reports work, but rather help you in getting most things working. I would expect that these currency rows would have brought the rows over, though.

You do have the option to migrate again and overwrite, so please take a step back and see if you want to start making changes or if you'd rather run through the migration again.

Based on your use of 75 rows, this does make me wonder if some of the new features in Management Reporter, or the more flexible use of dimensions could help reduce the number of rows you use today by optimizing and redesigning some reports.

In regards to the tab not moving between the Dimensions Window fields, this is the way that particular window works. I can understand your frustration on the inconsistency. With the use of dimensions, this window got a bit more complicated. If you feel strongly about this, I would recommend you post a suggestion on our Connect site to modify how this window works. Instructions for logging a suggestion are available on the CPM blog:

Regarding the long account codes, we've taken feedback from customers and will add functionality for shorter (FRx-like) account codes in our MR 2012 release due out early next year.

Copy and paste is more difficult with the addition of the text identifiers, but copy/paste can still be done but may require a user to use some concatenate functions in excel or copy/paste from one line to another within Designer.

Again my apologies that you did not have a great first experience. I'd recommend you review the migration documentation if you have not, utilize the connect site to give us your feedback, and I will look at the migration with currency to see if the issue is something report specific that you should troubleshoot or work through with support if I cannot recreate it.

Thanks for your feedback. We're listening.


SueC responded on 13 Oct 2011 2:10 PM

Found it out at:

This is the site where you can make product suggestions.  For Non GP Dynamics the site also has all the other Accounting Groups too.