How does record get created in eConnectOutTemp table?

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Divyanshu Bansal asked a question on 17 Jan 2012 6:20 AM


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I am using two econnect SPs to create misc. Log entries in Project Accounting:  taPAMiscLogLineInsert and taPAMiscLogHdrInsert.

I am creating line item record first and then the header record. When I try executing the SPs to create the records from SQL Management manually, they work fine. First the line item gets created and then the header record.

When I try calling my procedure from GP, line items are getting created fine without error. I don't get any error on the header call either but the record doesn’t get created.

Instead it inserts a record in eConnectOutTemp table with that Misc. Document number. I have no idea what is causing this error. Any help is greatly appreciated.


Natarajan SankaraNarayanan responded on 12 Jun 2012 6:16 AM



This table is a temporary data store.

For example, assume you want your application to be updated when a newcustomer is added to Microsoft Dynamics GP. To begin, you use the eConnectRequester Setup utility to specify the customer object and the SQL insert operation.The eConnect Requester Setup adds a SQL trigger to the database. When a newcustomer record is inserted, the SQL trigger creates a record of the event in the eConnect_Out table.

The eConnect Outgoing Service periodically queries the eConnect_Out table. Theservice uses the record in the table to create an XML document that describes the new customer document.

The Outgoing Service then places the XML document in a message queue where itcan be retrieved and used by your application.

To configure the eConnect Transaction Requester, use the eConnect Requester Setuputility. The eConnect Requester Setup utility allows you to specify Dynamics GPobjects and operations you want to export to another application. The utility thenadds SQL triggers to Dynamics GP that populate the eConnect_Out table for thespecified objects and operations. For a detailed explanation of how to use theeConnect Requester Setup utility, see the eConnect Installation and Administration Guide

Above scenario may be :-

It looks like an encoding issue. Did you promote/distinguish any fields after generating the schema? This could have changed the encoding or embedded any funny character in it. Please verify it. To verify this please use the original generated schema and try that. If this is the case then make distinguish fields in temp schema and then manually move over the additional changes created during promote/distinguish process into the schema used for map.


Nataraj S

Naresh Kumar responded on 31 Jul 2015 12:58 AM

HI Nataraj

how to setup eConnectOutTemp, am using econnect10 am not getting any records in eConnectOutTemp table if any thing updated .

I want to pick the item inventory in GP 2010 if i post inventory DEX_ROW_TS got updated in IV00101 table based on that am picking values but in GP10 it's not updating can you suggest me any other way how can i pick the inventory through econenct 

is there any trigger event and observer things for econnect to get the updated records