Fixed Assets Account Balance for 2011/2012

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Hi Community

I was wondering if there is a way to stop the Fixed Asset Balances from moving in a historical year when you create a new Asset with an acquistion date in that year.

Ie: Enter a new asset with  Acquistion date of 9/12/2011, on the 2/2/2012 and then  run depreciation.

It will move the balance in 2011.

Is there anyway to stop balances from moving or do I have to just enter in the acquistion date in the current year?







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  • Still wondering on this issue, does anyone know

  • You can enter the Acquisition Date in 2011.  Make sure you enter the Place in Service Date in the Book Card on 2/2/2012.  The Place in Service Date is when depreciation begins.

    Frank E. Hamelly, MCP, MCITP, MCT, MVP