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manufacturing receipt process

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David Callery asked a question on 3 Oct 2013 8:32 AM
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We have a scenario where most components are backflushed on the BILL OF MATERIAL for a production item but there is one item that may be a different item for each receipt against the MANUFACTURING ORDER.  This item/component is a Serial Tracked "packaging" bin and could be multiple sizes so we have multiple item numbers for the bins.

An example is an order for 100,000 units that may be partially shipped and produced.  The first receipt for 8,000 units is created and the Add Component function is used at the MO Receipt screen.  The bin item is entered and the quantity of 1 and the serial number are entered and the MO Receipt is posted.

The second MO Receipt is entered for 10,000 units and the bin requirement is a different item number/serial number which can be entered in the Add Component window but the first component is also remaining on the picklist requiring attention to change the quantity to 0.

Can anyone inform me as to why the first component is permanently added to the picklist?  Is this a setting or is my procedure incorrect?


Dave Callery

thetrev68 responded on 3 Oct 2013 12:22 PM
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Hi Dave,

When you save the component entry, you should get a pop up that asks "Do you want the backflush quantity for this item to increase the picklist quantity?"  If you answer no, my assumption is that it won't be there on the next receipt (because it won't be on the picklist).  Have you tried answering no to that question?



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