We have an environment with two SQL Server instances, SQL2008 R2 on Server MIS1 and SQL2012 on Server MIS2

MIS1 has / is running the production instance of GP2010 with 2 operational companies

MIS2 is running the test instance of GP2013 and GP2015 with 2 copies of the production companies (CO1 and CO2)

When I try to run Dynamics DatabaseMaintenance for GP2010 on CLIENT1 I see the Dynamics db as well as CO1 of the operational databases and the TWO database, but I am missing the CO2 database.

When I launch GP2010 from CLIENT1 I can access CO2 and CO1 as well at TWO without error

When I launch GP2010 from CLIENT2 same results.

We are not encountering any errors in the processing of files on either company

There are no access issues on the MIS2 server

The ODBC connections and passwords for SA are different for each server so little chance of crossing the lines via ODBC (I hope)


I can not access CO2 from the Dynamics Database Maintenance however I can see the CO1 and CO2 in the Administration >> Utilities >> Delete Company window

How do I get the CO2 back on the Dynamics Database Maintenance screen?