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SHELGLADY asked a question on 12 Mar 2015 3:27 PM

I posted a batch of cash receipts where they were all checks that were applied to customer accounts in Sales - Cash receipts.  After the batch successfully posted I noticed that when I ran the accounts receivable aging report they were still appearing as unpaid.  When I look the payments up for this batch I noticed that in the Credit Card ID Field STANDARD CHECK appears.  I did not enter anything into the credit card ID field, as these were all payments made by check.  So now when I print the aging report or the statements, the invoices still show as open items and the payments do not appear at all on the statement, and in the inquiry screen they show in history.  How do I get these payments that have posted applied to their invoices?

Leslie Vail responded on 15 Mar 2015 7:00 PM

Hi Shelglady,

In what table to the cash receipts reside in today? If you go into the 'apply' window, do the invoices still show up? Consider running the reconcile utilities in Sales. When you look in the Inquiry Screens, where does it say the receipts are (work, open history)?

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SHELGLADY responded on 16 Mar 2015 12:56 PM

I did do a reconcile on all outstanding documents in the sales series, and it did not correct the issue.

In the apply screen the invoice shows as an open item, the payment for that invoice shows as an item in history.  The Accounts Receivable Aging report shows the invoice as open, as well as when you print a statement for this customer.

When I went back and looked at the posting report for that day, the report does not show the payments applied to any invoices, except for the last payment that was entered.  Out of 5 entries on that posting report, only one processed correctly, and that was the last entry for that date.  Typically on the posting report you would see under the General Ledger Distributions the Applied Distributions, and that only appears for the last transaction entered that day.  The first four only show the General Ledger Distributions.

Also the Bank Deposit Posting Journal also appears correct.  What immediately stood out for me when I went back in to look at these transactions, was that for the 4 that are incorrect and out of balance is that in the Credit Card ID Field "STANDARD CHECK" appears.  These were all checks that were entered with Check Dates, Check Numbers, and amounts.  When I look at the Bank Deposit Posting Journal the receipt type is check on all of the transactions affected that day.  So I know that I did not enter Credit Card as the payment type.

I have not a clue at this point how to correct these 4 entries affected??