Extender Additional menu list items inconsistent between users assigned to same Role?

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Mike Bailey asked a question on 1 Mar 2012 11:10 AM

I have two user id's assigned to the same, single security role. In this role, I've assigned security rights to some Extender Detail Windows to the "TRX_SALES_001 Enter SOP Transactions" task.  I can log into GP as USER1 (which had been in prodction for 2yrs) and the Extender windows are not listed inthe Additioanl menu.  Further more, there are about 45+ items in the list. Then, I can log in with the newly created GP id USER2, again assigned to the same, single Role, and the Extender windows show up in the Additioanl list, and there are only about 30 items in the list. But the later, it will disapper from both ID's.  At one point, when I looked at USER1, all of the Additional items were being displayed at least three times each. I have a screenshot to prove it. But then later, logging back in, the dups are gone.

So, my questions are these:

  1. Why are the two list different for each user although assigned the same Security Role?
  2. What can cause and Additioanl item to disappear and reappear for no reason - meaning I've done no further security changes?
  3. How can I "clean up" the Additioanl items displayed for USER1?
  4. How can I get the extender detail windows to show up for USER1?


Mike Bailey


Jonathan Fear responded on 19 Mar 2012 1:23 PM

Try moving Extender up to the 3rd file listed in the Dynamics.set file.