Billing Rate in the Inventory Transfer Entry - Project Accounting

Billing Rate in the Inventory Transfer Entry - Project Accounting

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Every time i do Inventory Transfer Entry - for a received item from Inventory to a certain project -The billing rate(selling price) appears as if it is getting it from the Item itself, when in fact i entered my own billing rate at the level of the Budget cost category different from what it is in the Inventory module.

and although in the PA - Setup of the INVENTORY TRANSFER i have made sure that it is set as PRICE LEVEL FROM BUDGET. 

i am then forced to modify the Billing rate by hand.I don't want to have to enter the price by hand, i want it to get it automatically from the budget cost category that i have set in my budget for this project.

Did i miss anything in the setup? You input is much appreciated.


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  • Hi

    I get a similar problem and suspect its something to do with the Inventory Item Valuation Method.  Can you post if you ever got round this


    Michael Nunes

  • Well it is because the Inventory amount is in Functional Currency and there is no second functional currency in GP so it will not allow you to use Projects that are not in functional currency with the inventory purchase Material.

    I guess we have no where to go from here.

    But as a work around i found that as a general rule; All projects are better selected as Functional Currency and you can bill using any currency you select.  

  • ABDO KHOURNY. I don't understand what you try to tell in your last post. Can you explain if you solve the problem? Thanks