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STock Count Forms - revised via Report Writer?

using Dynamics GP10 - We are about to do inventory at the end of the month and I promised everyone that I would finally make an adjustment to the Report Writer "IV Stock Count Form". We sort by Site ID / BIN / Item Number - we have many items that take up more than one page - when this...
Forum Thread | on 7 Apr 2010 by Pam Palmer

ReportWriter Sort Issue on custom fields

I created two User Defined fields on the SOP PICK LIST report. The two user defined fields are part of the Kit Component Line near the Item Description, Location Code, Qty, etc.. I want to sort the list based on the values of these two User Defined fields. Has anyone experienced this issue before?
Forum Thread | on 11 Mar 2014 by runner_code_82

Simplified Check Edit List for Dynamics GP

Back in GP version 7.0 there was a great simplified check edit list that simply listed the vendor, check amount and what invoices were being paid without all the extra junk on the default report. I used to have this and use it on many installations because it was so popular and the default report is...
Forum Thread | on 13 May 2009 by Debbie Bergman

Re: Re: Re: GL Descriptions for Historical Trial Balances

Daniel: The two reports are different reports looking at different sets of GP tables. GP stores historical data in separate tables from current (open) data. Report Writer works exactly as you note in your second paragraph. Your consultant will make a copy of the existing report in Report Writer...
Forum Reply | on 30 Jan 2009 by Frank Hamelly