Using the following code to launch the Vendor Lookup Window via Visual Studio Addin causes a problem with the launched window, but only if launched from a form that itself is in a modal dialog mode.

Microsoft.Dexterity.Applications.SmartListDictionary.VendorLookupForm window = Microsoft.Dexterity.Applications.SmartList.Forms.VendorLookup;



Pressing the back-space key in the "Find by" text box causes odd characters to be inserted, rather than the expected behaviour of deleting the text. However if the same code is executed form a non-modal dialog windows form, the behaviour is as expected, the characters to the left of the caret are deleted. 

Anyone have any ways around this, it would be difficult for me to not use modal dialogs in my scenario

Screen shot showing the characters in the text box, rest of info on screen pixelated for privacy. 

Looks the same as this issue: "Invalid characters when when opening a dex form via a modal .net form"