• Formatting the Y axis for a varying Y axis

    My axis formatting question has to do with using InetSoft on Dynamics. I want to depict a chart with two measures in the Y axis. Can I use a radio button to choose between one of the two measures?

  • RE: Product Visualize Roadmap


    In this link is no mention to Product Visualize.

    Am I missing something?

    Thanks and Regards.

  • Effectively embedding Tableau dashboards in Contact Form

    I am trying to embed a Tableau dashboard into the Contact Form that will apply a filter to the Tableau dashboard based on the id of the contact (last 36 characters in the URL) ?

    This is what I did to create the web resource:

    • Copy the embed code from the…
  • Dynamics 365 Marketing Emails in Outlook Sent Items


    We are currently testing the marketing emails in D365. We are wondering if it's possible for emails sent out to show up in users Outlook sent items.

    We have our domain authenticated and set as default. Server Side Synchronization has also…

  • Configuring Crosstab measures in columns as opposed to rows

    I am using InetSoft with Dynamics 365 and when I have multiple measures added to my crosstab, the different measures are organized into different rows. Does anyone know if I can have different measures showing side-by-side in columns?