• RE: Move Ax 2009 usage data

    Hi Nino,

    the usage data resides in the database, so no matter where the client runs the users will have the same usage data. Therefore there's no need to move the usage data to the new client. 

  • RE: How can We filter match on data entity excel add-in ?

    Hi phong.pham. I have the same issue but i can not find the solution on your link.

    I need a multi value filter field on office addin. Do you achieve this?



  • Auto reserve an InventTrans

    Hi all,

    this is my scenario.

    I have a salesline with qtyordered = 2, that was automatically reserved by the system (1 piece with batchid 0001 and 1 piece with batchid 0002).

     i remove manually the reservation for the piece with batchid 0001 and assigned…

  • An error occurred during the request of file: "ERCoveringLetter.xslx" on validate electronic reporting

    Hi all,

    I have a question for you.

    I created a new model based on Payment model, a new mapping based on "Payment model mapping to destination ISO20022" and a new layout basesd on  ISO20022 Credit transfer (IT) in a dev environment.

    When i validate…

  • RE: Upload a file pdf in Azure storage sub folder


    I found the solution.

    Just add it in the file name, and it works with multiple folder levels too.

                blobStorageMetadata.Id = _fileId;
                blobStorageMetadata.Category = "invoices";