Hello Team!

I often see a question in the community - "I use basic authentication with fresh Web Service Access Key to connect NAV API - and I'm getting unauthorized request, why?"

Here we will talk about on-premise installations (both - NAV2018 and BC)

To check your situation - Open your Administration environment and check Credentials type:

If it's "NavUserPassword" - everything should be ok. You need to take your Web Service Access Key (or generate if it doesn't exists) from user card:

And now you can test it with Postman for example:

But what if you see Windows credential type?

The only way I found - is to use NTLM authentication. Set this mark on the General tab:

And you also need to use it in Postman. And not with Web Access Key - you need your Password here:

And one last situation - if you use self-signed certificate, your request could fail because of SSL verification. For development purposes you could disable validation here. For production you'll need signed certificate for your APIs:

Hope my post was helpful for you!