Business Central is growing

The Business Central forum is growing, the Ideas portal has an endless series of suggestions, all speak about Business Central, are emerging new blogs only dedicated to Business Central.

Lately, several post / articles on Business Central have been published, some are very interesting, to avoid being dispersed in the network, I will try to summarize them (as was done some time ago for NAV). These posts are related to different topics, both technical and functional, I would say usefully for those who want to start with a new project on Business Central.

I will try to list them!



Why organizations will choose Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central – and what users still need

Overview of Dynamics 365 Business Central October ’18 release

Business Central Best Courses on DLP

Experience Dynamics 365 Portal

Nice new BC course on Linkedin Learning



“How-To” Business Central Sandbox Environments

“How to” create a report on BC

Business Central TOC by Saurav

What is Docker? What are Containers?

Install Business Central OnPremise Sandbox in three simple steps

Deploying a Per Tenant Customizations

Developing Business Central Extensions/Apps in Team

Dynamics 365 Business Central: how to check if your Extension is running on a trial tenant

Dynamics 365 Business Central: in-client customizations

List all NAV\BC Docker Images Tags on Docker Hub

Extension for Data Migration (Import from NAV)

Need Local Features for Your Country? Now You can Build Your Own!



Demo Data for Business Central

Data Migration from NAV to Business Central OnCloud – Part I

RapidStart Data Clean up – Part 1

RapidStart Data Clean up – Part 2

NAV Setup Checklist Vs. Business Central Manual Setup

“How to workflow” in Business Central

  • How to create\setup\use workflows in business central

Business Central “Ready to use” Microsoft Flow Templates

Connect Flow & Dynamics Business Central

How to create automated Microsoft flows in Dynamics 365 Business Central – Send an email notification when a customer approval is requested

Business Central – Automation of Intercompany Transaction


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Stay tuned for Part II (Planned for October\November)!