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In an approval process, approval is sent to a designated person. The person is notified via email also he/she can view the requests in Request to approve page.

But,….there are times the person can forget to approve the request which may lead to delay in processes.

What if I login into Dynamics NAV where I get the count of approvals pending for me to approve? also on a click, if it navigates to Request to approve page where I can view the request, approve or reject it will be an added advantage !

We can accomplish by creating Role center Dashboards or adding cue Pages to existing role Center. Here in the below example I create such a cue Page and add it to CEO and President Role Center.


Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2017


  1. Create fields in the Table. Here I had approval for amount <250, 250 to 9999, 10000 to 25000 and above 25000.
Enabled Field No. Field Name Data Type Length Description
Yes 5 PREQ<250 Integer
Yes 6 PREQ-10000..25000 Integer
Yes 7 PREQ >25000 Integer
Yes 8 PREQ 250..9999 Integer
Yes 9 PQuote Integer
Yes 10 PTender Integer

2. Open the Properties of the field PREQ<250, set FieldClass as Flowfields and add the CalcFormula as Approval Code as the workflow code value, status as Open and approval ID is your person designated to approve.


3. Repeat the step 2 for all the fields.

4. Create a Cue Page with group as Cue Group and add your fields under it. This Page is a CardPart Page.


5. Create a function to drill down and open Request to approve page in your table as below:


ApprovalEntry.SETFILTER("Approval Code",'%1','PUR-REQUEST B250');
ApprovalEntry.SETFILTER("Approver ID",'%1',USERID);

5. Call this function in your page at Drill down trigger

PREQ<250 - OnValidate()

PREQ<250 - OnLookup(VAR Text : Text) : Boolean

PREQ<250 - OnDrillDown()

6. Add this page to your role Center as a Part.



Click on the Cue tiles, Request to approve page opens


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