Disclaimer: not a What´s new and an absolute newcomer.

When I came from Vienna I expected a lot of posts about Directions, but it didn`t happen. I think it didn´t happen because it was a direction of consolidation and reinforcement of previous messages. And this is not bad, I think that it means that the model is now good enough.
Before start writing I want to make some warnings:
That was my second Directions, so I am not the most authorized voice of the community. I try to be very active in the community, but in the 21th century way: trough the web.
This is not a What´s new, I will focus on little dev new features and I will highlight some previously known features reviewed in Vienna.

Dev big stars.

The new highlighted features in develop were these: dependencies management, asynchronous processes and the able to modify the core app.
Asynchronous  threads: maybe I will write later about it a complete post, because I like asynchrony, but Microsoft could take the opportunity to introduce Callbacks and Promises, because that is the way other languages (JavaScript) manage the asynchrony, instead working with events to catch the end of the processes.
About modify Core app: Can, doesn´t mean you should: Modify the core app could be the greatest technical regression in extensions. Programming in VSCode AL for changing the core is a great mistake that I hope not to make. I find hard to understand why Microsoft has allowed this. A fun fact: if you want to create the app with the modified core, you must have a dev machine with…….32 RAM GB.

Bye, Bye.

Another strong reminder was about XLIFF files. AL will remove CaptionML, OptionStringML and all other ML. All the translation must be in a XLIFF file to unify with other Microsoft Systems (Visual Studio).
If you are using the OnOpenCompany event often, you should think about remove these subscriptions. This event will be a taboo, due to:
  • You can´t use it in AppSource.
  • If you launch an asynchronous thread, OnOpenCompany event will raise again. If you have process subscribed that spend a lot of time this process will be executed in each child thread.
Temp Blob is other feature that will be removed, but is a small trouble, is replaced by Codeunit Type Helper functions. By the way, this Codeunit is outstanding , Is worth to write a whole post about it.
You know you can´t use .NET (called by Waldo Don´t Net) in SAAS, but if you have a Codeunit that wrap a .NET component, you can upload it to C/AL open Library and could be included in the next release of Business Central. https://github.com/microsoft/cal-open-library . Also Some AL objects are .NET components wrapped, like HttpRequest.