With the 2019 release wave 2, several valuable and exciting features have been added in different areas. There are several distinguished features related to the end user experience specifcally, now BC end users are empowered with smart tools to support their unique business needs.

The “Personalize” action allows end users to define the user experience they need by simply moving, changing or adding specific details or actions to any business page.


In addition to the various personalizing features that we already know, there are two primary categories for the personalization which are:

  1. Personalizing the navigation menu | This allows you to move a menue link to another poisition or totally to entire group, or even hide the whole menue.
  2. Personalizing the role center | This allows you to move an action to a different position int he same group or different group, or even hide an action.

Here is an example whih shows the powerful capabilities of the personalization features:

Personalize Home Page

There are two points to be considered:

  1. Personalization changes are immediately effective, it will apply to any other device that the user uses to sign in
  2. At any moment, the end user can clear their personalization by simply clicking on “Clear Personaliztion” and choose which option to apply. There are primarily three options which are:
    • Clear personalization only for the “Navigation Menue”
    • Clear personalization only for the “Actions”
    • Clear personalization only for the “Fields, Columns and Parts”





Best Regards,
Mahmoud M. AlSaadi