As Microsoft Dynamics NAV Demo version based on SQL Express, i get to know the difference between SQL Express and other version and it’s limitation.

There are many editions of the full version of SQL Server with Enterprise, Standard and Web the most common. Here are some of the major differences of the 2016 version compared to the Express edition:

Enterprise Standard Web Express
Maximum Database Size 524 PB 524 PB 524 PB 10 GB
Compute Capacity OS Max 4 sockets or 24 cores 4 sockets or 16 cores 1 socket or 4 cores
Maximum Memory OS Max 128 GB 64 GB 1 GB
Database Mirroring Yes Yes No No
Smart Backups, Encrypted Backups Yes Yes No No
SQL Profiler Yes Yes No No

The most critical issue is the maximum database size. The other differences are related to performance and maintenance.

For more details, visit Microsoft’s SQL Server 2016 Comparison of Editions including Enterprise vs. Express

Note: SQL Server Express cannot be installed on a compressed drive. It only supports standard, non-compressed drives.