In previous versions of NAV, employees had to be set up as vendors to post expenses. Now, NAV 2018 allows expenses to be posted against employee cards, with a range of tools to simplify the process.


  • In NAV 2018, in the Account type field a new value of Employee is added.
  • Create Journal entries directly for employees – only supports local currency (LCY)
  • Employee posting group, definable on the employee card.
  • Make payments to the employee in the Payments Journal.
  • Get payment suggestions with a full list of outstanding employee payments.
  • Apply payments to open employee entries in one go, linking the payment to the employee journal entry and closing both.
  • Correct mistakes with unapply payments.
  • Posting a general journal line with Employee as account type or balancing account type will generate an employee ledger entry. When posting a general journal line for an employee, the Document type field must be either blank or set to Payment.


This feature is very useful for Reporting purpose as well as to maintain Employee wise details in the system.

 General Journal

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