Are you well-equipped for a remote or deskless workforce? 

Why is automation important and how does it enable a remote workforce? 

Greenshades will share the benefits of investing in HR and Payroll platforms that deliver ease of use, ‘round the clock access, and a positive experience via desktop and mobile device. 

MetaViewer from Metafile will dive into the benefits of automation and how going paperless can support your remote workforce while reducing costs, and increasing visibility and efficiency.

Going Remote

Over the years more and more workers are working remote or deskless. 

We have them in the field, on the road, working from home, or some other location. The flexibility of being able to work from anywhere is really enticing but it also comes with pain points organizations face in regard to Payroll and HR. 

What do employees want?  

  • Technology that is easy to use and always available 
Here are some interesting stats: 

70% of deskless workers state that technology would help them perform better at work.* 

78% of deskless workers state that technology is an important factor when choosing a job.* 

The bottom line, workers want to feel supported and connected. 

Deskless does not mean disconnected. Remote workers want to work remote. Employers need to have the tools and systems in place to help them be successful.  That means giving them the visibility they need to make changes, access important documents, and more. 

From a Payroll and HR perspective, a self-service model is important and this will help meet the needs employees want in the workplace as mentioned above.  

For the employee, that means: 

  • Access to earning statements online
  • An easy way to make changes 

Having this type of flexibility can lead to compliance issues and complexity with tax as workers become more remote and work in different states. 

For the employer, that means: 

  • A system to keep track of tax rates, policies, and programs since they can from state to state, and city to city 
  • Mitigating risks associated with mobile and geographically dispersed teams, compliance with wage and hour laws, and payroll tax rates 

Greenshades navigates taxes, reporting, and annual withholdings across every city and state, as well as at the federal level. Find 1099’s, EEOC, and State 1095-C’s in one helpful place. Compliance is important, plain and simple, never worry about remote workers, out-of-state employees, or different tax codes.   

Pairing a robust online (and mobile) experience with domain expertise in critical areas such as taxation creates a win/win for workers and employers alike.   

* The State of Technology for the Deskless Workforce – 2020 – Emergence Capital 

Business as usual

We need to keep businesses running smoothly no matter where employees are working from. 

So, let’s say goodbye to paper invoices and outgoing paper statements. It’s time to empower your "work-anywhere" workforce by mobilizing an efficient and streamlined AP department.  

If you’re pushing paper to multiple locations, you could be missing discounts, incurring late fees, or have courier issues. Having a remote workforce means automation is key especially when it comes paying vendors on time and having visibility into the AP process. 

For the employee, that means: 

  • Prevention of lost documents 
  • Reduced costs 

For the employer, that means: 

  • Visibility into business workflow processes and procedures 

It’s all about working smarter not harder. 

With automation, your employees (both in the office and remote) can automate tasks that are taking up too much time and resources. 

Let the system do things that employees don’t have to. Eliminating data entry means employees don’t need to be in the office to see or get the documents they need. 

This remote solution is key to not having a file cabinet, office access, or having to dig around for information. 

Overall, this means: 

  • Automated audit trail 
  • Improved business processes 
  • Better Vendor relations 
  • Analyzed data
  • Improved profitability 

Your remote workers can focus on analytics and making business processes better. 

MetaViewer's best-practice AP Automation solution standardizes processes, automates GL coding and reconciliation, routes documents for online approvals, and notifies users about the status of invoices when exceptions occur. MetaViewer provides real-time views into your entire AP process and reduces errors and costs.

To sum it all up, giving workers the access and technology they need will help them better connect with the company and each other.   

Ready to learn more? 

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