Get up to speed with the resources you might have missed in June with this round-up. Whether you’re undergoing a SaaS migration or considering upgrading your ERP, there is something for everyone. From top tips to help you navigate the complexities of SaaS product pricing to a checklist to help you navigate ERP requirements and purchase the right solution for your digital transformation.


Jim Pattison Group save $70,000 by consolidating 150 subsidiaries  

After struggling to manage 150 subsidiaries on their legacy system, Jim Pattison Group decided to upgrade to a centralized ERP specializing in managing multiple entities. Follow their journey in this case study and learn how they streamlined intercompany transactions and reduced manual processes, cleaning up their data and gaining granular visibility of all subsidiaries.  

Download the ultimate ERP requirements checklist  

Since ERPs now serve every industry, defining your team's needs is essential before you begin your purchasing journey. Understanding the features and functionality that are "must-haves", "nice to haves", and surplus to requirements is a process that will require the engagement of your entire team. This checklist provides a jumping-off point for the conversations you need to have around advanced ERP features.  

Mastering the art of pricing SaaS products 

As SaaSification becomes more ubiquitous across industries, it's essential to understand how to tackle the complexities of SaaS pricing. This comprehensive resource has tools and information to help you navigate SaaS pricing models, strategies, and psychological tricks. Don't get left behind. Discover the nuances of the top pricing models, the metrics you'll need to track, and methods to help you boost conversions.  

Avoid these 7 common lease administration mistakes 

As companies expand their reach, the effective management of leases becomes more critical. Put in place the groundwork necessary to set up robust leasing processes that mitigate the risk of non-compliance and reduce the possibility of delayed and inaccurate payments. Navigate the most common challenges for teams and the best practices to help your team sidestep these complications. This resource covers everything from data management to rushing the tenant vetting process.  


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