Add additional columns through personalization in various pages to gain more insight

  • Every time Msft adds more fieds to a page is good news (Everybody remembers how easy was to add colums or fields in the old versions pre-2013).

Add non-inventory items on requisition and planning worksheets

  • Like it, now we can ask for some services in our requisition worksheet like, we need service for some Fixed asset on day X from vendor XX at some fixed o pre defined price.

Production BOMs and routes on stockkeeping units in planning scenario.

  • Sounds great, but I need to test it first to see how it works in a defined scenario with some variations, but looks good on paper.

Expansion to more countries and regions is achieved through partner-led localization

  • About the country availability, we get the same thing, a standard W1 with partner led localization, just the availability to sell licenses directly in the "new" country, not a very big news but now the local msft office can report local sales.

Force sync of customer-specific extensions in online environments

  • This one is a plus, we can forget to "leave trash fields" when you need to make a forced change in a table but you need to check first whats going to happened to the existing data, delete or move to a new field? choose wisely......

Copying environments of different types

  • This is going to be a hit, or a big trouble in inexperienced hands, remember, "With great power there must also come great responsibility"