I’m still fairly new to Dynamics NAV programming (about 3 years now) and I find that I’m still learning many new things each and every day. Recently, I came across this blog post from Mark Brummel (who was reblogging this blog post from Johannes Gudmundsson). The blog shows a nice tip/trick about the Value Is Filter option available via a checkbox when setting a Table Filter to link a page and a subpage (or factbox).

Value Is Filter
Value Is Filter Checkbox
Missing In Action
Documentation is MIA?

Until now, the Value Is Filter option was one of those mysterious checkboxes I would see time and again and think “I wonder what that does?”. A few times I actually decided to look for it in the Microsoft Dynamics NAV Help (both via F1 and on MSDN). Unfortunately, finding documentation on that checkbox proved surprisingly difficult. Fortunately, Johannes Gudmundsson has now enlightened me. Rather than rehash his blog post here, just go check it out for yourself. Hopefully you find this as useful as I did.