Here are some links which helped me  to learn about what can we expect in NAV's next version. And what should we get ready for...Did I mention Extensions is what we must get ready for? No, but you're damn right. Developers need to fasten their seat belts. There's a lot coming our way. By coming, I mean good coming!

Yes, and I am really happy about it. Lots of new stuff to learn and develop and implement and code and etc. etc. ;-)

Go through these and you might get to know something new!

1. Mark Brummel's post - "NAV 2017 Extensions the debate ends i guess"
2. Waldo's post - "Dynamics NAV 2017 Whats new"
3. Check out the beta version of NAV 2017 - NAV 2017 Beta Version Download

I got knowledge about NAV 2017 from these blogs which was worth a share. Keep learning!