After my last webinar about Tenant-Extensions I've got too many questions about creating Per-Tenant extensions. And every question was important and required clarification and testing.

I took some time during  NY holidays, structured questions, asked Microsoft and our MVPs for some answers.

And here it is! 

My new blog "Top tips and tricks on how to create Per-Tenant Extensions"! 

This time published on Simplanova website, as they were brave enough to ask about that :)

What you will find there?

- Why I cannot upgrade my Business Central, due to "strange" dependency hell?

- I get strange error "Object reference not set to an instance of an object”, what to do?

- How to control the runtime version of my app?

- How to test app before uploading to production?

- How to install the same app for different tenants?

...and many more.

Happy reading!