A while ago I was setting up a new Nav envrionment and got this error during the installation of SQL Server 2016 (Developer Edition) installation on Windows 2012 R2:

KB2919355 Installation failed (Validation Failed)
Rule “KB2919355 Installation” failed.

Rule “KB2919355 Installation” failed.
KB2919355 Check Failed. If you have installed KB2919355, please make sure you have restarted your machine. For more information, you can visit https://support.microsoft.com/kb/2919355/

In order to fix this just install these updates and SQL 2016 Developer Edition will install without problems.

I thought it was worth sharing this ‘tip’ in order to save valuable time for you and myself ofcourse in the main future if you encounter this issue (again). So blogging about this will also help to document this issue and the quick solution ofcourse!